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The constant gardener

Proyecto premiado en el festival del verde e del paesaggio. Roma

Do you love a gardener? We do.

A garden with wooden legs is a gardener.

We are going to build him.

The gardener brings with him the smoothness of the moss, the fascination with the topiary shapes, and the multiple colours of the ripen fruit.

The gardener is she and he, both at the same time.

You can admire the constant gardener from the outside.

You can put into the gardener wooden legs.

You can feel the magic of reply when you go out from the gardener. A queue of gardeners is here to protect you.

We believe in love and

we love gardens……..

this is a story about being in love

with gardens…….

is the story of

The Constant Gardener:

He & She,

Wooden legs,

Soft body made of fruits,

vegetables and flowers,

mirror eyes,

butterflies on her/his head

bougainvilleas door,

kids playing inside,

People looking outside,

Big & Small


The Constant Gardener is mutable

stational and adptative…..

is open to the materials to be build 

with stationary fruits and flowers

wicker-wood skeleton,….

Recicled mirrors,

Wooden legs made of trunks,                                                                                                       tripods or maybe wooden chairs…..we want to

build a pyramidal structure to

support vegetation.

Passiflora flowers attracting butterflies,

citrus fruits, smelly roses,

powerful sunflowers,

green sculptural boj-wall…..

We invite you

to enter,

or to look…..